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Activities for Youth Groups in Dubai

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Activities for Youth Groups in Dubai 

There are various activities that the youth in Dubai can do, especially during the summer. These youth group activities can help them develop their personalities, talents, and skills.

Before anything else, the parents and the concerned child should search for an appropriate youth group. It should be a group that the child is interested in; never force your kid to join a group that he or she doesn’t like. Parents and children must have an open line of communication. As parents, you know your child quite well, and you know the things that he or she is interested in. Now, what are the possible activities that the various youth groups can do?

During summer, many youth groups often go to the beach. Group games can be played on the beach, like volleyball, basketball, and many other games the group wants to play. The games can help in improving teamwork and the confidence of each individual. 

As a certain youth group member, your kid will learn how to deal with different kinds of people properly. Socializing is important, and adolescents really need to socialize with the right persons. Encourage your child to join if you can find a good youth group in your locality. Besides, you’re only in the best interest of your child. 

 Know all your child’s friends. You know the saying – birds of the same feather flock together. If you think that they will badly influence your kid, talk to your kid immediately. But it would be best if you did it without the presence of any of his or her friends. Tell your kid about what’s on you mind and that those individuals are not good influences. Convince your kid that he or she should have good friends who will not lead him or her into trouble. 

There are still other activities for youth groups aside from group games in beautiful beaches. All the youth group members can conduct a clean and green project in a certain area. They can do tree planting or clean the surroundings. The neighborhood’s people will surely be happy that the group is helping maintain the clean surroundings. 

Outreach programs are also good. Admit it, there are really unfortunate people. The group can contribute used clothing and toys. They have to choose recipients, which should come from the very poor sector of society. The joy in the faces of the recipients is enough to give the group fulfillment and happiness. Aside from the used clothing and toys, you can even include food items and medicine. 

If the youth group members reside in one location, you can conduct a sports fest where they can play their favorite sports. The parents can even join if they like. This way, the youth, and their parents can have a better bonding experience. If parents support their kids all the way, they will become better citizens of the country.

As parents, you can ensure the kids are on the right track. Don’t discourage them if they want to join the activities of youth groups. You should be happy for them because the activities can improve your kid’s life. 

Good luck with the activities. Adolescents should enjoy their life while still young but in the right way.

Summer Youth Activities

Summer is the happiest time for those who love the sun’s heat. A lot of people go to the beach to swim, to play some sports, or to achieve nice tanned skin. These are the activities that keep a lot of youths preoccupied during the summer season. If you want fun, you can always do summer youth activities. 

Various youth groups often conduct summer activities for their members. Some youth activities organized by the youth leaders include going to the beach, mountain climbing, hiking, trail hunting, pool swimming, and much more. The parents and families of the youth members can even join if they like. You see, the support of parents is very important for the youth group, and so they also encourage the participation of the families in some of their activities.

The youth can play some fun games while they are on the beach. They can play beach volleyball to exercise their bodies. The game also promotes team building and sportsmanship. Aside from volleyball, the members can also play with frisbees. They can run and jump for as long as they like. 

Mountain climbing and hiking are best conducted during the summer. It will be easier to climb steep slopes and paths when the ground is dry. You will hardly feel the heat because trees will surround you. If the youth group chooses to do this activity, they must see that a guide is present to ensure the group’s safety. 

Some youth don’t want to go to the beach because they prefer swimming pools. The group can have a pool party overnight without the parent’s permission. Pool parties are great because the youth will learn to organize the party, cook their food, and connect with other members.

Well, you don’t have to be a member of a youth group to enjoy summer. If you and your friends can get together, you can have all the fun this summer. You can also go to the beach, hiking or mountain climbing, pool parties, and other fun activities. It is important to inform your parents before your peer group packs your things.

That way, they will not worry if you’ll be gone for a few days. Don’t forget to bring extra money because some expenses might pop up. Always be prepared and bring all the necessary things that you will need. 

Whether you’re a youth group member, you can still have fun this summer. All it takes is proper planning and organizing. If you can get your parents to help you plan the activities, the better; at least they know what you’re up to. 

Remember to choose your friends wisely. Society today is very much different from that of many years ago. There are a lot of undisciplined youths roaming the streets, and you’d better stay away from them. They mean nothing but trouble. Live a straight life with the help and guidance of your parents. Your friends also play an important role in your life. Together you can have fun through the summer youth activities. Aside from having fun, you will also learn a lot.

Youth Team-Building Activities

It is quite difficult to develop team spirit, especially among young individuals. You see, adolescence is a period of exploration. A lot of youngsters are confused and troubled.  One thing that can greatly affect an adolescent is peer pressure. Sometimes, a certain group of friends will not benefit your kid. If you want your kid to experience healthy peer competition, make sure he or she joins a reputable youth group. 

Teenagers often feel alone and that they don’t belong anywhere. This feeling can be changed if you and your kid can find a good group to join. A group that will readily accept your kid for who he/she is; teenagers don’t like to be judged immediately. They would also like to be recognized for their good deeds. Being included in a group will make them feel secure and that they belong. 

A good thing about youth groups is that they often have team-building activities. What are these team-building activities? Youth groups often have sports games. Some games are played in groups, like basketball, volleyball, football, and more. It will be quite fun if the games are held outdoors or in a gym. The important thing is that all the youth group members must be present. If the youth group will do well as a team, then they have a long way to go.

Aside from the sports games, there are still other team-building activities in which they can participate. It all depends on the leaders of the youth group. They will be the ones to organize the various activities of the group. So, the youth group’s leaders must take an active part in organizing and joining the activities. 

Some other suggested team-building activities are:



Educational and fun games

Football classes 

Basketball classes 

Badminton classes 

Volleyball classes 

Gymnastics classes 

The youth can still play kids’ games. They’re never too old to play games for kids. It’s also one way of playing and releasing tension or stress. Camping can be held in a remote area. The group should be able to help one another in all the daily activities like looking for food, cooking, doing the dishes, and other activities.

While camping, they can also go hiking on a nearby hill. The group should always stay close to one another because they are a team of hikers who must protect each other. 

There are also funny, educational games that can be played to enhance team spirit. This is a simple way of having fun and the same time, learning as well. Camaraderie is essential. They can easily achieve their goals if the group is a good team. They will have more room for self-improvement that can help them when they are no longer group members.

Team building plays a vital role in the success of a certain youth group. If the group has this quality, all their activities will be guaranteed success. So why not encourage your kid to join a youth group? Youth team-building activities are enjoyable and exciting. Before your kid is affected by peer pressure, let him/her join the right youth group.

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